Almost 22

“We’re happy, free, confused at the same time. It’s miserable and magical.” – 22, Taylor Swift

Maybe this is exactly how I feel right now. 21 feels young but 22 feels so much older, even it’s just a year difference. Exactly 7 days from now and I’ll be 22. Yup, adulting is real hard. Responsibilities be like: “Hoy, pansinin mo naman ako!” Ha-ha-ha! Ano bang balak ko sa buhay? ‘Di ba dapat kapag ganitong age medyo settled ka na? Oh well, student pa lang naman ako. But why do I feel like I’m missing out a lot of things in life? Dahil ba single ako? No, ha-ha-ha! Ewan ko ba. Siguro nga pero hindi naman basehan ang status mo to be truly happy with your life. I am blessed with a lot of people around me, my friends and especially my family, I’m always thankful to have them.


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